For those of you have judged this competition before you know what to expect: good judging location, some great beers, excellent food, a well-run competition and catching up with old friends or making new ones. 

For those of you who haven't this is a great opportunity judge in a well-respected competition in a very nice town with lots of good food if you stick around in the evening. 

While the details haven't been fully worked out we expect to start judging on Saturday at 9am, so we're asking judges to arrive at 8:30 and the stewards to arrive at 8:00am to help set up. A light breakfast (donuts/bagels/coffee) will be served.

Lunch will probably be served buffet-style as we've done in recent years; if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions please let us know when you sign up to judge!

All judges should be BJCP ranked or have relevant experience. New judges and recent exam-takers are welcome and will be paired with experienced judges for a great learning experience.

At this time we are planning to assemble our stewards from the BJCP classes we are currently running, as this is great experience for someone studying to take the exam.